2012-07-31 10:12

  Single Cycle 8051 CPU core, maximum operating clock up to 40 MHz External 1~5MHz crystal with internal PLL up to 40MHz
  3.3V or 5V power supply
  256KB Flash ROM
  4352-byte RAM
  -256-byte Internal RAM
  -4KB Auxiliary RAM
  2 channels general PWM output
  -1 channel of 8 bit PWM output with Programmable frequency
  -1 channel of 14 bit PWM output with Programmable frequency
  Maximum 90 I/O pins
  Five 16-bit Counters/Timers for capture pulse signal Rising edge / falling edge / both edges
  One programmable buffered clock output port to drive peripheral devices
  2 channels Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface
  Maximum 8-channel 12-bit A/D converters with Flag indication
  -Conversion time: <10 ms
  -Input voltage level: 0 ~ +VDD
  Hardware ISP (In-System-Programming), no Boot Code required UART and JTAG hardware interface ISP
  Two Full-duplex UARTS
  One CAN controller, supports CAN2.0B
  4 channels stepper motor driver
  LCD driver with 32 segments and 4 commons
  Multi interrupt sources (12 external interrupt sources)
  Programmable Watch Dog Timer
  Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC)
  Sound Generator
  Power On Reset/Programmable Low Voltage Detection Reset
  Dual Data Pointer (DPTR)
  Flash-ROM program code protection
  JTAG interface Debug System
  Auto Industrial operating temperature range (-40C ~ +125C)
  128-pin QFP Green package without lead available